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Love, Hope & Cure Boutique (LHC) was founded in 2016 by Cindy Johnson.  This unique idea for the boutique came from Cindy’s passion for fundraising and philanthropy.  
Cindy and Miles have three children, Evie, Mac and Elle.  Evie was born with CDKL5 (read more about Evie’s story below) and Cindy was inspired by her sweet angel to start a Foundation called “She Made a Difference.”  The foundation began in 1997 and Cindy worked to assist individuals and agencies in need through donations from the She Made a Difference Foundation.
In 2016, Cindy had the idea to expand upon her fundraising and philanthropy efforts and give back to the community through the Love, Hope & Cure Boutique.  This unique boutique for a cause provides a shopping experience unlike all the others.  Community members can come into the Boutique and purchase extraordinary jewelry, gifts, apparel, accessories, candles and more knowing every purchase gives back to an individual, community or national charity or foundation.  Love, Hope & Cure Designs wants to change the way you look at Shopping.  Now you can shop.......while giving back with every purchase!  LHC is truly shopping for a cause!
In 2018, Cindy expanded upon her initial idea by deciding to create an online presence where shoppers from all over the country could purchase unique items for a cause knowing that their purchase  gives back to an individual, community or national charity in need.  By expanding with her online presence, she has enlarged the reach of LHC and those who may be helped.  
Through Love, Hope & Cure Boutique and online store, Cindy can share her passion for uplifting others through giving.  She refers to philanthropy and giving back by stating, “It is in every fiber of my being, helping others."  "It is why I feel I was put on this earth and why I was given my special angel Evie…. she has molded me into who I am today.”  Her talented staff at Love, Hope & Cure Boutique, shares the same philanthropic values and has a passion for giving back to the community and to different charitable organizations worldwide.  Through partnering with other companies who also give back, the effect of a purchase multiplies!
Cindy, Evie & the LHC Team

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